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About the Compass Academy

We believe that those who have the least should be given the most. We achieve this through providing all pupils, but particularly those who have the most challenging and complex backgrounds, with a rigorous and academic education which challenges them, not only academically, but also in terms of their place in society. We believe that this will prepare them for life not only in Britain, but across the world.

We aim to provide all pupils with the best possible standards of education. We want our academy to be a place where young people can thrive, learn and achieve their best. We offer flexible, personalised programmes and a wide range of positive experiences so that young people can develop the confidence to believe in themselves and make positive choices for their futures.

Pupils are referred to the academy for a number of reasons, including having been permanently excluded from a mainstream school, or having been placed with us for a period of intervention work. We aim to give all pupils a fresh start to make a better future for themselves.

With support and the right provision, we believe all pupils can become successful learners who are prepared socially, emotionally and academically for the challenges of adult life. All pupils need their teachers to believe that today could be the start to changing their tomorrows and all of our staff are determined to find innovative and exciting ways to re-engage each pupil in learning opportunities.



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